Ready Scan&Go solution for your store.

NOQ is a plug-and-play mobile scan and go solution for your store. It allows your customers to pay through their smartphones and skip the checkout queues. Contact us for more details.

A mobile checkout solution that saves you money!

Seamless, Simple, Cost Effective
NOQ Scan & Go solution is a cloud-based mobile application which has been developed to help retailers to optimize their in-store customers shopping experience as a cost effective alternative to the expensive self-checkout machines. It allows your customers to scan items and pay through the app with their card or Apple Pay and leave the store.
With NOQ, you will be able to:
Optimize the shopping journey for your customers
Pay as soon as they finish (No queues, no waiting, no hassle).
Bring down manpower and hardware costs
Cloud-based app. No hardware cost. No maintenance cost.
Attract more customers
Provide a premium shopping experience with the help of technology.
Personalize the shopping experience for each customer
through direct offers and product recommendation.
Boost your store sales
Faster checkout process -> zero waiting time -> more shoppers -> more sales.

Self-checkout machines are a thing of the past!​

Current self-checkout machines are expensive, they occupy valuable space at the front of the stores, and there can only be so many of them available at one time. Plus, these machines are yesterday’s technology. Today, almost every single person has a smartphone and almost every single one of them is using it everyday, why not take advantage of that and provide customers a new way of shopping in-store using their own phones only. No extra hardware is needed.

Woman with smart phone in supermarket standing by the shelves full of fruit at grocery store holding thumbs up.

Advantages of Our Solution

REady, Easy, Powerful

We differentiate ourselves among our competitors by building a state-of-art solution with outstanding quality that brings high value to our clients and put them in the greatest position to thrive. Below are some of the reasons why NOQ is the best solution for you today:

Understand your customers shopping behaviour with the help of our Analytics & AI engine

Monitor, Verify, Promote

NOQ is building a 360 dashboard that will provide you with data analytics and visibility into your customers activities inside your stores. This will help you make strategic decisions on product placements and introducing & promoting new products.
Example of the insights you can uncover with our analytical reports:

AI technology microchip background vector digital transformation concept

Verification With AI

Secure, Trusted, Accurate

We are building a Trust Score algorithm where users’ activities will be evaluated every time they use the app at any store and a trust score will be given to each user based on their shopping behaviour.

Users with a low trust score will be high likely subject to a random check at exit where a store associate will be notified to verify purchases before letting them leave the store.


Exit Gate Control Strategies

Control, Check, Approve

Two NOQ Scan & Go exit gate options are available that allow retailers to lead Scan & Go users through designated exit areas to secure loss-prevention:

Exit Gate

Customers scan their receipt code at a dedicated terminal which will notify employees via the employee app. For success orders, the gate will open and let the customer leave.

Verification Via Mobile App

We will provide you with a staff mobile app to monitor and verify your scan&go orders and do a random check at exit when indicated by the app.


User experience is at the heart of our work

Easy, Elegant, Intuitive

Our product is designed and built based on constant feedback form potential customers and end users. We had many interviews with the potential users and transformed the results of these interviews into an easy-to-use, elegant and intuitive mobile application that foster your business challenges.


Go Digital in Days and Weeks, not Months and Years

Our process is very simple and straightforward:

  1. Sign Agreement
  2. Account Setup
  3. Get your products list
  4. Test and Validate
  5. Launch
  6. Ongoing marketing